A little bit about Studio 9

Our History

We met the first day of art college in 1995.  It was a time of great excitement and confirmed our direction to follow a creative life.  Since then we have travelled, worked and studied together – all fueled by a passion for creativity, an intense curiosity about the world and a desire to be driven by our imagination.  Over the course of the last 20 years we have focused our creativity increasingly on storytelling.

What have we come to learn about creativity?

Well, it's giving form to an idea...it's bringing new ideas into reality. It is about perceiving the world in new ways – finding patterns and making connections.

It's the idea of holding two different things in mind until something new emerges.

It's being curious...allowing yourself to wonder.

It's a “WHAT IF...”


Storytelling and storytellers have been around as long as we have.  They have paralleled the evolution of man and the development of civilization.

Fundamentally, storytelling is about a connection and an understanding.

Communicating a fictional or factual experience in an exciting and gripping way.

For us, creativity and storytelling are intrinsically linked. With stories we're creating worlds, creating lives, creating adventures.


Studio 9 is a space where we can continue to grow our creativity.

It's a place where we can realise exciting new projects, where we can collaborate with talented people and develop exemplary work.

It's a place that brings together all of our experiences and inspirations, and a place where we can focus our efforts.

It's a place for us to remain curious, to experiment, to continue to find new ways of bringing ideas to life, to continue to develop stories and connecting with new audiences.

So why does any of this matter?

Well, it means that the projects we deliver for our clients are driven by a genuine creativity and a passion for storytelling that we have developed over 20 years.

It means that we pour all of our experiences and inspirations into each and every project – enthusiastically seeking out new ways of bringing stories to life and creating memorable experiences.

It means we'll keep asking 'WHAT IF...” until you are super excited about how we tell your story.